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Intel Atom
D2700 - 2.13Ghz
Intel Atom
D2700 - 2.13Ghz
Intel Xeon - 2x CPU's
L5420 - 2.5Ghz
Intel Xeon
E3-1230v2 - 3.3Ghz
41 Gbps8GB2x 1TB
Intel Xeon
E3-1230v3 - 3.3Ghz
41 Gbps8GB2x 1TB
Intel Xeon
E3-1270v3 - 3.5Ghz
41 Gbps8GB2x 1TB
Intel Xeon
E5-2620v2 - 2.1Ghz
61 Gbps16GB2x 1TB
Intel Xeon - 2x CPU's
E5-2620v2 - 2.1Ghz
121 Gbps32GB2x 1TB

A dedicated server is the next step up from a shared hosting environment. By moving to your own server you don't have to worry about other sites slowing you down or crashing your server. Dedicated servers also give you total control over what software is installed your site, opening the door for additional performance gains. A dedicated server gives you consistent performance and total control over your server's configuration.

Whether you self-administrate or go for managed hosting, a dedicated server gives you the ability to try practically anything including server-side performance enhancements through software and hardware upgrades. While dedicated servers cost more than shared hosting, the added performance, capacity, and ability to host other company sites help defray the monthly cost.

Server Upgrades

Upgrade First Hard Drive 
1 TB Hard Drive+$5 Monthly
(D2700 500GB Only)
2 TB Hard Drive+$15 Monthly
Second Hard Drive 

500 GB Hard Drive

+$5 Monthly
(D525 Only)

1 TB Hard Drive

+$10 Monthly

2 TB Hard Drive

+$15 Monthly
SSD Dedicated Server 

SSD - Toshiba Q Pro - 128GB

+$15 Monthly

SSD - Samsung 840 Pro - 128GB

+$20 Monthly

SSD - Toshiba Q Pro - 256GB

+$25 Monthly

SSD - Samsung 840 Pro - 256GB

+$30 Monthly

SSD - Toshiba Q Pro - 512GB

+$60 Monthly

SSD - Samsung 840 Pro - 512GB

+$65 Monthly
16 GB Installed+$15 Monthly
32 GB Installed+$30 Monthly
64 GB Installed+$60 Monthly
(E5-2620 Only)
Raid - (Xeon Server Only - 2 Drives Required) On-Board Raid 0 / 1- $0 Monthly
100Mbps Unmetered - Fully Dedicated - Up to 32TB monthly bandwidth+$30 Monthly

Add Ons

Control panels / Licenses 
WHM / cPanel License+$35 Monthly
Plesk+$40 Monthly
Fantastico / Softaculous / RV Skins / WHMsonic+$5 Monthly
RV Site Builder+$15 Monthly
CloudLinux+$12 Monthly
SolusVM+$10 Monthly
Centova Cast+$20 Monthly

Ip V4 Addresses - 2 Static Ip Address Included

- $0 Monthly
5 Static Ip Address+$7.50 Monthly
Server Management+$35 Monthly
(Server Updates - Server Monitoring - Weekly Server Backups)

Included Features

All Servers Include :
  • No Setup Fees!!
  • No Bandwidth Overages!!
  • No Hidden Fees!!
  • Month-to-Month Billing
  • Cancel Anytime - 0 Day Notice Required!!
  • 1U Servers

Root Access:

Operating System:

Server Management:

Server Installation Time:

Datacenter Location:

Full Root Access

Any operating system can be installed.
Linux CentOS 5.X or CentOS 6.X are recommended.

Self Managed Server

1 - 4 Business Day - If parts are in stock the server will be setup the first business day.

Dallas, Texas - USA


Rent to Own - Dedicated Server Leasing

Server Rent To Own Option
  • Own the dedicated server in only 12 ~ 24 Months!!
  • $49 a month colo fee once you own the server!! - 100 Mbps - 20 TB a month
  • We will ship you the server!!
2x E5-2620v2
+$10 Monthly
+$20 Monthly
+$25 Monthly
+$30 Monthly
+$30 Monthly
+$40 Monthly


*Prices are monthly and recurring

Linux Dedicated Server


Dedicated Server Price Match Guarantee


What's Includes?

Servers Include :
  • No Setup Fees!!
  • No Bandwidth Overages!!
  • No Hidden Fees!!
  • Free Raid 0/1
  • Free IPMI Access or
  • Free KVM Access
  • Month-to-Month Billing
  • Cancel Anytime
  • 1U Servers
  • Rent to Own Option
24 x 7 x 365 Support Staff
24 x 7 x 365 Datacenter Staff
24 x 7 x 365 Network / Power Monitoring


Hosted in Grand Rapids, MI



BGP Routing

  • BGP Routing with multiple ISPs
  • AboveNet - Zayo
  • NTT Communications
  • AT&T Services, Inc.
  • Hurricane Electric LLC
  • Cogent Communications
  • CenturyLink Communications, LLC
  • Private Peering