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How to install Starbound on a Linux CentOS Server


This will guide you through the steps to set up Starbound on a Linux CentOS Server.

  • 1. Ensure you have screen installed. Doing this will vary by distro. For CentOS and other Redhat you would use the below command

 yum install screen

  • 2. Make a user account for starbound (Must use sudo or root to accomplish this).

adduser starbound

passwd starbound

  • 3. login as user

  • 4. Create directory for SteamCMD and switch to it

mkdir SteamCMD

cd SteamCMD

  • 5. Retrieve and decompress SteamCMD

wget http://media.steampowered.com/client/steamcmd_linux.tar.gz

tar -xvzf steamcmd_linux.tar.gz

  • 6. Launch SteamCMD and allow it to update


When you see a prompt that looks like


Press CTRL and C on your keyboard at the same time to stop the program.

  • 7. Create a script to install and update Starbound and the folder to hold the server files

mkdir ../server

touch update_starbound.sh

echo "./steamcmd.sh +login USERHERE PASSWORDHERE +force_install_dir /home/starbound/server +app_update 211820 +exit" > update_starbound.sh

chmod +x update_starbound.sh

  • 8. Run the script to download latest version of Starbound


  • 9. Go to server directory

cd ~/server/linux32

  • 10. Start a screen session so the server can run without the terminal being open

screen -S starbound

The above starts the screen session and names it starbound

  • 11. Start the server


  • 12. After this the server should now bootup successfully, you will see some warning messages (not errors). To disconnect from the screen session you need to press


All at once. At a regular terminal session you can type

screen -r

To reconnect to the server terminal

After this just make sure you're firewall is open or the ports are forwarded then you should be all set.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are on CentOS and receive errors about libs then try the following command.

cp /home/starbound/SteamCMD/linux32/libstdc++.so.6 /home/starbound/server/linux32/