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Understanding WHM / Cpanel Reseller Accounts

For WHM version 11.28

A reseller account is a modified cPanel account that has additional privileges and access to a limited WHM interface. These privileges allow a reseller to manage subordinate cPanel accounts.

Generally, resellers allocate resources on a system to cPanel users after purchasing those resources from a hosting provider.


How can I manage my reseller accounts?

System administrators can manage reseller accounts using WHM's Reseller Center feature (Main >> Resellers >> Reseller Center). From here, an administrator can define what privileges a reseller has and limit the reseller's account. Types of account creation limits include:


Limit the total number of accountsThis method places restrictions on the total number of accounts a reseller is allowed to own.
Limit accounts that reseller can create by Resource UsageThis restriction limits the amount of disk space and 11_28.WHMDocs.WhmGlossary#Bandwidth the reseller is able to use on the system. When the reseller reaches the limit, he or she will not be able to create new accounts.
Specify which packages reseller can use for account creationThis restriction limits the packages on the system the reseller is allowed to use.
Limit the amount of accounts that reseller can create per packageThis restriction places limitations on the number of accounts a reseller can assign to a specific package.

For more information about managing reseller accounts, please read our complete Reseller Center documentation.


How do resellers manage accounts?

Resellers manage their subordinate cPanel accounts through the limited WHM interface. It is important to remember that a reseller account does not have many privileges by default. The system's administrator will need to explicitly define what privileges the account should have in order for it to function as a reseller account.

Reseller privileges can be divided into 5 categories (you can see and confer these using the WHM Edit reseller privileges & nameservers screen):


Type of privilegeDescription
Standard PrivsThese privileges include basic reseller functions, such as adding and removing accounts.
Package PrivsThis list of privileges affects the reseller's ability to create and modify their own web hosting packages.
Global PrivsThis set of privileges is intended for technically savvy resellers. This list includes options such as viewing and restarting system services.
Super PrivsMost resellers should not have access to these privileges, because they would be able to circumvent resource limits. This list includes options such as account and 11_28/WHMDocs.WhmGlossary#WhmQuotas modification.
Root PrivsYou should never enable Root Privs for your customers. Enabling Root Privs allows the reseller to access a fully functional WHM interface.

For a complete list of privileges, please read our Edit Privileges/Nameservers documentation.

By default, a reseller has access to the following WHM features:


Basic cPanel/WHM SetupThis feature contains some basic configuration options for cPanel and WHM.
Configure Customer ContactThis feature allows a reseller to specify contact information his or her customers can use to contact support, billing, or sales.
Locale XML DownloadA reseller can export a locale as an XML file using this feature.
View Available LocalesThis feature is a list of locales the reseller's cPanel interfaces can use.
Setup Remote Access KeyA reseller can generate and copy a 11_28/WHMDocs.WhmGlossary#WhmKey to access the WHM reseller interface.
List SubdomainsHere, a reseller can view a list of his or her subdomains.
Web Template EditorThis feature allows a reseller to edit the default page a website owner will see when his or her account is created. We strongly recommend that your resellers enter some basic contact information here.
Change WHM ThemeThis feature allows a reseller to change WHM themes.
BrandingA reseller can use this feature to customize (or "brand") his or her customers' cPanel interfaces.
PluginsThis section will contain any plugins installed on the server that are not restricted based on the reseller's 11_28/WHMDocs.WhmGlossary#WhmAcls (account creation limits).